Are you ready to create more leads, consistent sales and grow your business on your terms? 

Especially when you’re incredible at what you do & can transform lives, if only people knew about you.

Here’s what we do know about you:

  • You’re a high achiever, hardworking and refuse to settle 
  • You’re all in, you’ve decided you’ll make this work 
  • It’s your time to finally run the freedom-giving, purposeful, fun business you’ve been dreaming of

But when it comes to getting people to notice you, like you and buy from you….you feel frustrated, exhausted and confused.

You’re exhausting yourself working all the hours to do all the things….blogging, vlogging, posting, videos, selling, organising, hustling

You’re trying to patch together random techniques from different teachers and have lost sight of what you want, what your customers need and the soul of your business

You’re lost in a warren of confusing tech, expensive ads and time drains. Things feel out of control behind the scenes

You started your business thinking it’d be the perfect way to earn money, balance your life and live on purpose.

But currently it’s far from it, it’s a stressful slog that you didn’t sign on for.

And you still don’t know where your next sales are coming from or if you can pay your bills this month.  

No more…..Creating your successful business starts here. 

You’re ready to confidently grow your business in an organised and optimised way, make more sales and fall back in love with what you do [even if you’ve neglected your email list, your funnels are chaotic and you avoid all things tech] 

Kim Benfield David

Author, Kids Who Rock

Before beginning IGA, I was in the first stages of setting up Project Stella Resources.  I didn’t have much clarity, I had ideas but not a focused direction.  

I loved being part of IGA.  Both Helen and Stephanie are so encouraging and work really well together.  They bring a great dynamic and are so positive. I was able to realise the true direction I wanted to go in and developed a strong message.

I set the goal during the first session to publish a book and then to become more visible.  I was able to accomplish that goal and started adding people to my email list.  I have more confidence now in pursuing my goals with practical steps.

The best part of IGA is the community and the relationships you build.  Part of that relationship is having people push you to achieve and be successful.  You need to be an active participant in working towards you own success and IGA pushes you to do that.

I LOVE the positivity that came from being with IGA!  

Here’s what you should know about your dream team……

We met in the wonderful online world of entrepreneurs and it was Business Besties at first sight. 

We started with our first Zoom ‘date’. We didn’t play it cool and instantly connected.

We realised were a dream combo of techy, creative, strategic mad skills all bundled together.  The Intentional Growth Academy was born. 

Obsessed with our furbabies and food (any type, just all the food!). We share a geek soul and have a passion for all things business and helping entrepreneurs build and grow purposeful and profitable businesses.

Hi I’m Stephanie

I did it. You know how everyone says they want to quit their job and go work on a beach? Well, I did that! Seven years ago I left my cushy corporate job, sold everything I own, and moved to the beaches of Southern Italy. I started my web design business so I could make some money while getting a tan and who knew it would become my passion. I built a business I love that I can run from literally anywhere in the world. I gave myself freedom with my business and I can help you get that too.

Hi I’m Helen

I’m an expert business and content strategist, educator, entrepreneur and total business geek. I love helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs to build and grow wildly successful businesses on their own terms (rebel lover here!) I’ve poured my passion for business and my decade of experience working with other 400 entrepreneurs into The Start-Up Studio & TIGA. I also run a property business. So I totally get what it means to start, build and grow successful businesses.

Lot's of places but these are just a few
Years Experience In business
Websites Made to Work Better
Entrepreneurs Supported
Hours of enterprise training delivered

We’ve been in the trenches starting and growing our own businesses. We get it. It’s immense and thrilling and high and low and currently it’s not what you signed up for……

So we’re inviting you to join (drum roll please)

Woohoo the crowd goes wild. It’s an 8 module course for online business owners to get noticed, attract more leads, make more sales and fall back in love with their businesses.  

Designed to show you the exact steps, proven strategies and done for your templates you need to build and launch your funnels, understand your stats and create your mad good CEO skills (no matter what your niche or how much you hate all things tech, numbers and content) 

Ultimately we’ll help you to Intentionally Grow your Business and achieve more success

Big Growth:

More followers, subscribers, leads and sales with your high converting funnel.

More Time:

Get full access to our schedule & time management secrets. No reinventing the wheel here.

Less Stress

No more doing all the things & hustling. We’ll show you our proven strategies and systems.

Ultimate Funnel Success Kit

Step by step video training with clear action plans. Done for you: Worksheets, templates, checklists, reading lists and workbooks

Live group coaching

Us and you on a call every month to help you achieve massive progress. A chance to get your questions answered and feedback on your work


We are there every step of the way to keep you focused, on track and taking massive action. We are all about helping you implement what you learn

Super Support Squad

Inside the private Facebook group you’ll get access to us and you’re other TIGA team mates. We’re there to be your cheerleaders and answer your questions


Everyone loves a bonus and boy do we have some bonuses for you, including social media planning, copywriting 101 and much more.

One to one opportunities

You get an opportunity to get 10% off one on one support from us. Targeted help exactly when you need it

Everything you need to confidently grow your business

What's in the Ultimate Funnel Success Kit?
Glad you asked.....

Module 1

Vision, planning & review

Before we start creating the perfect funnel, let’s make sure it fits into your big picture. In this module we will review all the things that have given you home runs and huge success to create the perfect plan.

Module 2

Stats and Analytics

How to use them, what they are telling you that’ll help you understand your market better, and how to keep track of them on a regular basis without getting freaked out by them.

Module 3

Marketing funnel design

In this module we will work with you on designing a funnel that works! This is the funnel that converts, gets people in the door, and loving what you’re all about. We’ll map your funnel, and help you to choose the perfect opt in for you and your audience.

Module 4

Creating your opt in

It’s content creation time. We’ll take you through how to create your incredible opt in and then how to get people to sign up. We’ll help you to showcase your incredible value as an entrepreneur so your audience can’t wait to learn more from you. 

Module 5

The ultimate welcome sequence

In this module we’ll help you create the ultimate bear hug of a welcome for your new leads. By the time they’ve received your well written welcome sequence, they’ll be desperate to know more about working with you. We’ll be helping you map and create the sequence so you’ll be ready to go. 

Module 6

Making your funnel work

In this module we will work with you on all the techy parts to make sure the beautiful funnel you created is working. You’ll walk away with a completed functioning, converting funnel. 


Module 7

Time management, productivity & organization

Now that we have a well oiled machine up and running, we are going to start talking about how to maintain it. This module will teach you all about batching, Trello, Asana, routines and creating your perfect schedule.

Module 8

Setting Yourself Up for Success

We will help you design your business success plan and set up habits to support you as you grow your business. You’ll be going from DIY to CEO.

Your Investment

$297 one time payment
  • 8 step by step modules & workbooks
  • Quick start guide and video
  • Monthly group coaching calls
  • Lifetime membership access
  • Our top business tools
  • Business & life changing book list
  • Social media planning
  • Copywriting 101
  • Success Planning workbook
  • Private Facebook community
  • All the bonsues your could want



This guide will absolutely explode your engagement with Social Media and have you falling in love with social media for your business.


An amazing masterclass with the copywriter, coach and professional journalist extraordinaire Cate Butler Ross. She’ll be teaching you how to your story, sell your genius and attract a tribe of raving fans who will hang off your every word.


A list of our tested and proven resources to feed your mind and maximise your entrepreneurial potential.


The best tools to build and grow your business like a pro! (Even if you are on a budget)


With the incredible Taylor Slango. She’s a mindset coach and she’ll help you consciously take control of your life, success and happiness. We’re talking manifesting, limiting beliefs and redefining your definition of success and your relationship with money.


Enable yourself to access your inner creativity and gut instinct, two incredibly powerful tools for abundance, joy and success in life and business. The brilliant Katerina Kormas will be showing you how in this bonus masterclass.


Feel in control so you can serve your clients well. Incredible Sophie Shilimindri will be taking you through an easy CRM system to help you cut the overwhelm and increase conversions.


Don't worry about your SEO ever again. This easy to follow checklist tells you if your SEO is on point or needs some work and how to really maximise your search engine optimisation.

You’ll also get lifetime access to the program and free access to all the updates and new content we add until the end of time

It has been a truly strong experience for me to be part of IGA! I got an incredible amount of support useful advice from Steph and Helen which it went really beyond any expectations I had...I can say that they totally over delivered and most of all made their guidance really specific to my situation. I was also impressed and touched by their generosity, openness, availability and could feel the love and care they put in what they do. Their approach is honest, down to earth, fun and refreshing and I highly recommend it.
BEST GROUP EVER! Helen and Stephanie are so approachable, available and willing to share their secrets and knowledge. They WANTED us to succeed. I was lacking ALOT of clarity on how to engage with my audience or even attract an audience. I had soaked up so many courses, followed so many influencers and coaches, joined memberships and I was still lost! JOIN NOW! Helen and Stephanie are so committed to you and your success. I’ve taken all the courses and memberships and been in all the groups. After all the thousands of dollars I’ve spent in the last few years, I gained more from this course and them than anything else. Helen and Stephanie actually respond, coach you, give you valuable resources and information and take the time to build your tool box so your audience and business grow. I am so grateful to Stephanie and Helen for creating this course and this amazing community. You are in amazing hands in this course and will see amazing results as well!

How does the MASTERMIND work?

Each month we will meet on zoom in a group setting where we will help you stay accountable for your goals, find answers to your questions about what’s not working, brainstorm new ideas, and make sure you leave each session feeling refreshed, ready, and with an attitude of gratitude. 

How much time do I need Each Week ?

We recommend putting aside about 1 hour per week to complete the modules and then extra time to create and implement to give you the best possible results.

What if I am unhappy with the program?

We don’t want you to ever be unhappy. As confident as we are that this course will be a major game changer for your business, if for any reason things aren’t working out for you just contact us and we will take care of everything for you.

How long will I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the course as well as access to all future updates.

Grab your spot in this amazing course and change everything about your business.

And have an amazing day!